Hi, and welcome! My name is Johanna and I live, knit, and dye yarn in a small town just outside of beautiful Nuremberg, Germany. 


I began knitting in my early 20s and never looked back. It did not take long for me to discover the wonderful world of hand-dyed, artisan yarns, and I soon began to experiment myself, trying out different dyes and techniques. The colors that I enjoy dying range from moody jewel tones, to neutrals, bright colors, and pastels. 




 In this shop you will find a beautiful assortment of breed specific yarns and yarn blends. One of my very favorite things about breed specific yarn is that every type of wool has it's own unique set of characteristics that we as knitters have to oppurtunity to utilize, according to what it's strengths are and what type of project we are knitting. 


I dye all yarn in a dedicated studio located in my home using lightfast acid dyes. After the dyeing process, all yarns get a good soak in a gentle, scentless wool detergent before being hung up to air dry. The Great Skein is exclusively a one-woman operation; from unpacking the undyed hanks, to skeining, labeling, and packaging, your yarn passes through my hands only.


 It is important to me to use only yarn that is mulesing free, and has been ethically sourced and processed. 


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Apart from knitting and dyeing yarn, my hobbies include chasing my two small children, caring for my ever growing houseplant collection, and attempting to hone my sewing skills. I dream of one day having an entirely handmade wardrobe. In my 'day (evening, night..) job', I work as an oncology nurse, although at the moment I am on parental leave.


Caring for your hand dyed yarn:


I recommend washing knitted garments by hand in lukewarm water with a gentle wool detergent, and laying it flat to dry so as n0t to warp the shape of your project. Superwash yarns can theoretically be washed in the gentle cycle of your washing machine, however if you do this I would highly recommend putting the object into a delicates bag. 


Non-superwash yarns should always be washed by hand, as they will more than likely felt in the washing machine.


Please note that although I do my best to wash out excess dye, some colors may bleed when soaked (especially reds, or very saturated colors).